Help for Sudden Injury

Car accidents and other injuries take time to heal, keeping you from functioning at work and unable to sleep or enjoy yourself.

You can speed up the healing process and get back to living …

Have you been in a car accident or have other injuries and want to speed up the healing process?

On top of feeling aches and pains, do you also have the stress of not being able to function at work, not being able to sleep due to the pain, having difficulty concentrating and sometimes even feelings of depression?

You may have been to the ER after your accident where they found no significant injuries, but a few days or even weeks later the pain sets in. Prescriptions pain killers may help but leave you feeling groggy and unable to function. They unfortunately won’t be able to heal the trauma on their own, and untreated injuries commonly lead to chronic pain.

You may be wondering, will these injuries heal with time? Do I really need to get treatment?

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you may be suffering from a traumatic injury due to your auto accident.

  • Are you experiencing headaches, head and neck pains, stiff neck, muscle spasms?
  • Do you have restricted head motion, for example trying to look over your shoulder when driving?
  • Do you have dizziness or feel like you might lose your balance, loss of hearing, ringing in the ears?
  • Are you experiencing eyestrain, increased sensitivity to light?
  • Have you felt light-headed or excessively tired?
  • Have you had any neuralgia (nerve pain) or neuritis (nerve inflammation)?
  • Do you have cold hands or feet, or numbness of arms, hands, shoulders, feet, legs?
  • Are you experiencing periods of unexplained depression, anxiety, irritability?
  • Are you unable to concentrate, have poor memory?
  • Do you have pains between the shoulders or low-back pains?

It’s important to know that in the state of Oregon, your auto insurance will cover your medical expenses for treatment of any pain or injuries that are a result of a car accident, even if the accident was your fault. You can see the practitioner of your choice, without a referral. This includes acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatment after a car accident injury is gaining in popularity. Here’s why:

Acupuncture works to release and eliminate pain, reduce swelling, soften scar tissue, and reduce bruising.  It works well combined with other treatments in Chinese medicine such as herbal formulas to reduce inflammation, Tui na massage to increase range of motion and cupping therapy to increase blood flow to the injured area and relive muscle spasms. Treatments are always tailored to your individual needs. Acupuncture, cupping, Tuina massage, and herbal formulas can be used without side effects even if you are taking prescription pain medications.

And patients find that it not only reduces their physical symptoms of pain, but also helps them deal with the stress they experience after an accident – everything from dealing with the insurance companies, to the anxiety some feel when they need to get in a car again. It helps patients sleep better and improves their energy.

Most importantly, prompt and complete treatment of injuries can prevent an acute injury from turning into chronic pain.

In many cases, abnormalities can not be seen on an x-ray and there is no visible injury. As a result, the seriousness of an injury is often initially overlooked. Many auto accident victims do not feel pain initially until days or even weeks later. When left untreated, these injuries can lead to chronic pain that is more difficult to treat, so it is important to address the condition as soon as possible.

I work closely with massage therapists, naturopathic physicians and chiropractors to make sure that you get the care that you need to recover quickly.

Don’t live with the pain,  just wait hoping it will go away, or mask you symptoms with medications. Contact me for an appointment to start your injury recovery today.