Stop the Cycle of Chronic Pain

Have you been feeling trapped by the pain in your body? Ready to take a step towards freedom from it? Make today the day to discover health.

Living with chronic pain is a huge daily challenge. But you can take proactive steps to manage your health and find relief from your pain. It’s my goal to be your ally on your journey towards freedom from pain. This includes a health plan that is multifaceted – Chinese medicine is not just acupuncture. Getting acupuncture treatments alone will not be the magic cure, but will activate your body’s healing potential, and help you along the path to making and following through with healthy lifestyle choices.

After an acupuncture treatment, patients report feeling

-decrease in their pain

increase in energy level


improved quality of sleep

an overall sense of well being

This equals hope for many patients who have been suffering with pain, which plants the seeds of change for health.