Why Chinese Medicine?

Acupuncture Works!

Acupuncture can address many health problems – not just pain – and it doesn’t have any of the side effects that pharmaceuticals or surgery do. The main side effects are better sleep, fewer aches and pains, and better mood. Chinese Medicine can strengthen and balance your body to make positive lasting changes in your health. It has been practiced consistently for thousands of years and is used by approximately one third of the worlds population – it’s proven to be safe and effective.

Here are the 4 main reasons patients love acupuncture:

Yes really! Patients often fall asleep during their treatments, even those who are afraid of needles. Ask someone who has had acupuncture about their trip to “aculand” and you’ll want to visit too. More importantly, treatments can address imbalances that may be making it hard to relax the rest of the time.  READ MORE

>>Improved Energy<<
If you are suffering from fatigue – from overwork or too little sleep, or if you have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia – Chinese Medicine can not only help you get through your days, but really help you recharge your energy reserves. All treatment plans are individualized, there is not just a few “energy points” – instead we’ll work to address the causes of your fatigue and help you develop greater vitality.  READ MORE

>>Freedom of Movement<<

Tired of not being able to do the things you love because of stiff joints or an achey back? My goal is to help you become pain free as quickly as possible,   READ MORE

>>Part of a Healthy Lifestyle<<
Chinese Medicine is patient centered, holistic medicine. No two people are exactly alike; even patients coming in for treatment of the same symptom may have very different treatment plans. Your personalized care will help you stay on a more balanced healthy lifestyle.   READ MORE